Digi Play entertainment


We are a mobile game/application developer and publisher with an extensive network of media advertisers.

Our goal is to create entertaining and competitive mobile platforms using innovative technology and apps.

Our team consists of marketing and product development experts focused on generating global media
exposure to all projects.

We can connect you with the right networks for your required and supported ad types and optimize the
cascade to maximize your fill rates

Our company has media marketing offices in Europe, as well as development and publishing offices, find us
in Luxembourg City, Saarbrücken, Germany and Gdynia, Poland.


  • Video advertising & Network services

    We specialize in optimizing monetization and advertising for web and mobile applications and games

    • Our company has built extensive network of small and large companies with high market reach and with high quality video inventory.

    • We aggregate more than
    100 Million unique users in different media giving our customers and partners access to targeted groups.

    • Our company is primarily focused on pre-roll video formats on web and mobile devices and that is why we can provide our customers with local and international video inventory and offer attractive CPM.

  • Development & Publishing / Games & Apps

    Our game and app development team
    consists of avid gamers and indie developers from around the world whos primary focus is on building unique projects based on the need of network of users from around the world.

    Our latest project DIGITAL PLAY CARDS answers a call of card players from around the world...


  • Establishing in Luxembourg

    Digi Play Entertainment EU operations office established in Luxembourg.

  • Partnership with PayDayOnline.com

    We are excited to partner with Playdayonlne.com an international video game tournament network for competitive players and teams.
    Digi play members will benefit from this relationship by connecting with players from other networks. Through playday platform our members can collect loyalty rewards in form of virtual coins that can be redeemed at the local market.

  • Partnership with Tapstar Interactive

    Digi Play partnered with US based publisher Tapstar Interactive. We are looking forward to work with tapstar on developing new strategies and products.

  • Marketing partner acquisition

    Digi Play aquired MUM Game consultants our long time marketing partner in August 2016 to expand our services and market presents.

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